Modernist Cooking Made Easy:
The Whipping Siphon

Are you looking for an easy way to amaze your friends and experience some of the unique taste sensations that modernist cooking has to offer?

Do you have a whipping siphon but are afraid you are not getting the most out of it?

If you nodded your head "Yes"
then this book was written for you!
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The whipping siphon is a great way to easily create modernist dishes that affect all the senses. However, clear, concise information for getting started isn't readily available.

That's where Modernist Cooking Made Easy:
The Whipping Siphon comes in!

This book provides all the information you need to get to get started with modernist cooking using the whipping siphon. It is all presented in an easy to understand format, along with more than 50 recipes, that can be applied immediately in your kitchen.

Modernist Cooking Made Easy: The Whipping Siphon focuses on presenting the three main uses of the whipping siphon: Foaming, Infusing, and Carbonating. It delivers the information you need to understand how the techniques work and provides you with over 50 recipes to illustrate these techniques while allowing you to create great dishes using them. Plus, these techniques can produce an amazing array of dishes that anyone can easily use to experience the joys of modernist cooking as well as to blow their diners away!

Whether you have an iSi Whipping Siphon, a culinary whipper, a Whip-It, or any other cream whipper or whipped cream dispenser this book will help you get the most out of it. From thick, rich foams to thin, flavorful froths and from fizzy grapes to highly-nuanced alcohol infusions, a whipping siphon can create food that plays with all of the senses. It is an awesome way to easily wow your family and friends!

Using the recipes and techniques presented in this book you'll be using all the best applications of the whipping siphon in your everyday meals and also impressing your friends with some "WOW" recipes on those special occasions.

What You Get In This Book

If you want to master the whipping siphon,
delight your taste buds, and amaze your friends,
then this is the book for you!
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Sample Content

We have sample recipes for Carbonated Watermelon Salad, Lemonade with Blueberry Froth, Orange-Cinnamon Infused Bourbon, and Roasted Sweet Potato Soup Foam.

There is a blog post on Troubleshooting Your Whipping Siphon. Finally, you can view an excerpt from the book on Foaming Ingredients.

Who This Book is Written For

People who:

Who This Book is Not Written For

Expert cooks who already know a lot about the whipping siphon and modernist techniques and ingredients. People with no experience or knowledge of traditional cooking methods. As well as anyone not willing to explore new cooking techniques.

Still Unsure? There's Also a 100% Guarantee

If this book does not give you the information you need to get started with your whipping siphon at home or you are unhappy with it for any reason, then you get your money back.

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Buy the Paperback or Kindle Version

What They Are Saying

I didn't even realize I could infuse alcohol with a whipping siphon, I've already learned so much and I'm just getting started! Judy
Raspberry infused vinegar
It feels like you're standing there in the kitchen helping me. It makes learning everything so much easier! Kathy
Dark chocolate mousse foam
The recipes are so easy to follow and really showcase the different techniques. My friends love all the cool stuff I've been cooking lately! Tom
Tequilia infused lime jalapeno

About the Author

Jason Logsdon is a passionate home cook, entrepreneur, and web developer. He helps cooks understand new modernist cooking techniques with easy-to-understand directions and recipes. He has several books and a website on modernist cooking that are read by thousands of people every month including Modernist Cooking Made Easy: Getting Started, Beginning Sous Vide, and Sous Vide: Help for the Busy Cook. His website is He can be reached at or through Twitter at @jasonlogsdon_sv.