Sous Vide Time and Temperatures

Once you understand a little bit about sous vide times and temperatures you can cook almost anything.

Cooking by tenderness is dependent on how tender or tough the cut of meat is. Some cuts just need to be heated through while others need extended cooks of several days until they are broken down enough to enjoy.

To come up with the tenderness times I’ve leaned on my own experience and the reports of other people. It is important to understand that all times are estimates, as there are many factors that go in to how tough a piece of meat is. I have cooked a chuck roast for 18 hours and had it turn out too tender, and I’ve cooked one for 36 hours that was still tough.

The best way to get consistent results is to turn to a butcher or fish monger that you frequent so you can understand how their meat cooks. A lot of the times given are my personal preferences as well, if you like something cooked longer or shorter, please go with what you prefer.

To see times and temperatures for specific types of food just click on the category below. If you need more information about how it works, please read my guide to How Sous Vide Times Work or How to Determine Sous Vide Temperatures.

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