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Modernist cooking may encompass a huge amount of information but I focus on creating Amazing Food Made Easy. I've put together several resources the budding modernist or sous vide cook can use to jump start their cooking. Just find the content below you are interested in and you will be creating amazing food in no time that will wow your friends and family.

If you're an experienced modernist cook, my articles will help you expand your knowledge base and discover even more ways you can make amazing food.

If you are a brand or blogger, here's how to work with Amazing Food Made Easy to get some more exposure.

My Most Popular Cookbooks

I have published several cookbooks to help you make amazing food. They cover everything from the sous vide and the whipping siphon to infusions and general modernist cooking techniques. I also have several books on sous vide cooking, including an Amazon best seller.

Latest Articles and Recipes

Sous Vide Pickled Onions Recipe

Pickled onions are a zesty addition to any dish, lending a vibrant burst of tangy flavor and crisp texture... and with sous vide, they couldn't be more simple! Immersed in a brine of vinegar, sugar, and spices, thinly sliced onions undergo a delightful transformation, becoming irresistibly tangy while retaining their natural crunch.

Sous Vide Garlic Confit Recipe

Garlic confit (and the remaining garlic-infused oil) are culinary treasures that enhance dishes with their rich, nuanced flavors. Garlic cloves gently poached sous vide in oil become tender, mellow, and imbued with a subtle sweetness that elevates any dish they grace.

Sous Vide Pinto Beans Recipe

Sous vide refried beans are a culinary marvel, elevating the humble legume into a luxurious dish bursting with flavor and creamy texture. By immersing the beans in a precisely controlled water bath for an extended period, typically around 24 hours, the flavors deepen and meld together, resulting in a velvety consistency that traditional stovetop met

Sous Vide Chocolate Canelé - PB&J Style Recipe

This impressive and creative dish utilizes sous vide in several components, yielding an outstanding dessert fit for a King or Queen.

Sous Vide Tempered Chocolate Recipe

This tempered chocolate can be used for a host of different dessert applications, including our Sous Vide Chocolate Canelés.

Latest Articles and Recipes

Sous Vide Raspberry Gel Recipe

This Raspberry Gel is great for various sweet applications and is part of our Chocolate Canelé - PB&J Style recipe.

Sous Vide Porcini Vichyssoise with Charred Leek, Butter-Poached Potato, Pickled-Dill Coulis and Crispy Potato Skins Recipe

While it looks intimidating, this classic cold soup is actually quite simple to pull off by prepping ahead and following the steps of the recipe. You'll be rewarded with a luxurious and refreshing dish that will wow your friends and family.

Sous Vide Charred Leeks Recipe

These are great on their own or as a garnish in several dishes, including the Porcini Vicchyssoise.

Sous Vide Butter-Poached Potato Spheres Recipe

These potatoes can be used on their own, or as a fun garnish in a dish like our Porcini Vicchyssoise.

Sous Vide Porcini Stock Recipe

This is great in a risotto or soup, and is an essential component in our Porcini Vicchyssoise.

Other Modernist Cooking Content


Modernist Techniques

In modernist cooking and molecular gastronomy there are several techniques that are commonly used. We go into them here and show you how to use them to make modernist cooking easy for you.

Photo Gallery from Modernist Cooking Made Easy

Here are full color copies of all the images from our Modernist Cooking Made Easy: Getting Started book. They should give you a good idea of what we cover in the book.

Modernist Ingredients

There are many modernist ingredients and we will try to cover how many of them work.

Modernist Equipment

Modernist cooking can use a wide variety of equipment and tools. Many of them have very specific uses and are only used for advanced techniques. We want to focus on the more accessible equipment, most of which can be used in traditional cooking as well.

Modernist Cooking Made Easy: Getting Started

We have put together a 240 page book that covers many of the modernist techniques and ingredients needed to get started with modernist cooking and molecular gastronomy.

Learn all about spherification, gelling, emulsions, sous vide, and thickening as well as many popular modernist ingredients like agar agar, xanthan gum, sodium alginate, tapioca maltodextrin and more in our easy to understand guide!


Charcuterie might be a very old technique but fully understanding it and the products it can produce can help even the most modern of cooks.
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Media and News

If you are interested in what Modernist Cooking Made Easy is up to then you can check out my media and press releases.

Molecular Gastronomy Glossary

When learning modernist cooking there are many words that you can come across that are new to you. This glossary can help you figure out the meaning of many of them.

Modernist Recipes

Here is my collection of modernist recipes. They will teach you a wide variety of modernist cooking methods. If you have any recipes you would like me to add please contact me and I will see what I can do.

Modernist Cooking Forums

I know there is a large demand in the modernist cooking and molecular gastronomy communities for a place to get together and exchange ideas and expertise with other people passionate about modernist cooking. I've created these forums as a way to address that need.

Modernist Resources

One of the difficult things about modernist cooking is knowing where to look to find information, tools, and ingredients. My modernist resources section helps show you the most popular modernist books and places to buy ingredients.

Cuts of Beef

There are a lot of different cuts of beef and each one is cooked a different way. Check out our guide to all the various cuts of beef.


Spices are the key to any good cook. I cover many of the most popular herbs and spices so you can know what to expect in your modernist cooking.

Beef Jerky

One of the techniques in modernist cooking is dehydration. Probably the most popular use of dehydration is making jerky of various kinds. I take a deep look at making jerky and what you need to know to do it at home.

Modernist Cooking Holiday Gift Guide

Sometimes it can be hard to find good gifts for the cook in your life. Luckily, with modernist cooking there are several options for great gifts you can give. Here are some of my favorite tools and books.

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